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Audio Output

The Audio Output section contains a checkbox field under Selected channel called Use advanced track routing that switches between the usages of one channel pair (Stereo mode) or enables the advanced track routing functionality.

Stereo Mode:

Only one channel pair can be selected.

Select Channel and click Use to load into right section, Click OK to save configuration

Advanced Track Routing:

The Multichannel mode is active, if the checkbox for Use advanced track routing is set. Using the multichannel feature works under the following circumstances:

  • Only sound cards with ASIO drivers support this mode.

  • Only channels of the SAME card can be defined.

The field Available channels lists all available channels, sorted as Driver model – sound card – Channel.

The field Selected channels lists the current channel assignments:


Name of the sound card


Name of the sound card driver

ChannelsSelected channels


Driver type (ASIO, Multimedia or NP)


Output channel assignment (selectable in the track head, see also Track Routing)

The buttons affect the field Selected channels:

Click a selected sound card channel in the Available channels field to add it to the Selected channels

Delete a channel assignment

Move a channel pair up in the list; this changes the Alias assignment

Move a channel pair down in the list; this changes the Alias assignment

If the option Use advanced track routing is deactivated, all assignments remain stored in stereo mode, the output is routed to the first channel until the option is reactivated.

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