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Shows the full path to the help file. The help file is launched by clicking “Help” in the menu bar.

Launching the help file works with Windows 7.


Sets the language of the user interface. Supported languages are English (United States), German and Polish. Switching the language of the user interface requires a restart of the Audio Editor.

Query database

Defines the storage location of audio and project data.

  • off: All audio and project data are stored in the file system and not in the DBM or similar programs.

  • On: All audio and project data are stored in the DBM. The destination table is defined by the user.

  • multi: All audio and project data are stored in the DBM. Additionally, users can define the database server.

Scan waveform always on top

Loading of huge audio files can consume much time. In this case, a progress dialog is displayed so the interactive user is able to estimate how long this is going to take.

  • Check box selected: The progress dialog is made a topmost window, i.e. it is displayed above all other windows, even above windows of other applications.

  • Check box cleared: The progress dialog is displayed above the MTE main window, but it can be obscured by windows of other applications if the user moves them in a matching position.

DigaStudio loop play

Defines if the arriving DigaStudio commands DIGASTUDIO_PLAYTOLOOP and DIGASTUDIO_PLAYFROMLOOP perform on loop mode or not.

  • Check box selected: Loop mode switched on

  • Check box cleared: Loop mode switched off. This emulates double or single clicks on the "play to" and "play from" buttons.

Query on unused start

Sometimes recordings start with silence/pause. This option defines whether a silent start is removed or not from the recording

  • Check box selected: User is prompted to decide how to handle silent start (remove or save).

  • Check box cleared: Silent start is saved without asking the user.

Lock layout

Defines if the user interface layout is allowed to be modified.

  • Check box selected: Modifications to the user interface are partly allowed to the user. The parts to be edited are set by the Administrator.

  • Check box cleared: The user is able to modify the complete user interface layout.

Save layout

Defines if the screen layout will be saved when exiting the editor, and loaded again with the next start.

  • Check box selected: Current screen layout is saved. After restart the application runs with the (new) stored layout.

  • Check box cleared: Current screen layout is not saved. The editor will start up with the same user interface layout every time it is run.

Save fader positions

Defines if the editor should be started up every time with the currently opened screen.

In order to load the same screen when starting the editor, select the checkbox and select the desired screen. If you now restart the editor, this screen will be loaded. Now clear the checkbox and the setting remains unchanged.

Save active screen

Defines if the current screen will be saved when exiting the editor, and loaded again with the next start.

In order to load the same screen when starting the editor, activate this option and select the desired screen. If you now start the editor again, then this screen will be loaded.

Disable this option and the setting remains unchanged.

Scrub by skip

Defines the scrubbing method when playback speed is different from normal 100%.

  • Check box selected:
    The speed will be increased by omitting particular frames without changing the tone pitch.

    Scrubbing is performed by skipping a number of samples if speed is above normal. If speed is slower than normal, appropriate parts are taken from original and an overlapping part is taken for the next playout buffer.

    The number of samples to skip is configured in the "Samples" edit. If this number is larger than the effective output buffer size -which may be configurable depending on the audio driver type -, its value is ignored and the output buffer size is applied.

  • Check box cleared:
    The audio will be pitched normal, i.e. with growing speed also the tone pitch changes.

    No scrub by skip means playback changes pitch of audio but has no other distortions. Scrubbing is performed by stretching the original audio into the output buffer.

Default marker names

Defines the names that are assigned to new markers when they are created.

Images for marker types are: normal

 , intro
 , outro
 , refrain

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