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Save Extended

The command File –> Save extended... saves the production in different file and audio formats, these may also be stretched, compressed, or normalized. Calling the command, a dialog box appears:

With the Target drop down menu and File name or Table / Destination fields you can determine where you want your project to be saved to. Pressing the button 

brings you a Windows Explorer window.

With following drop down buttons you can expand the Save Extended dialog box:

Different file formats may be saved. Click the File format button, and the dialog box will be extended as shown above.
Click the desired option to save the file in this format. Depending on the selected format there are text fields to be filled and which will be saved as header in the new file.

Different audio formats may be saved. Click the Audio format button, and the dialog box will be extended.
Click the desired option to save the file in this audio format. Some of the formats are selectable only if the specific codec has been installed (MPEG Layer 3, RealAudio, and MSAudio).

You can either activate the option Normalize audio volume or Save loudness compliant.
With the option Normalize audio volume and the confirmation with OK, the production will be initially mixed and the peak level then set automatically to 0 dB, or to the manually entered dB value.

The production may be stretched or compressed, without change in voice pitch (no Mickey Mouse effect).

Click the Time stretch button, the dialog box will be extended showing a slider.
Drag the slider to the left or right, to compress or stretch the production, or use the input field Destination length for entry of the desired length

For future quick access, the Save extension ... settings may be saved.

Click the Formats button in the Save Extended dialog box:

Clicking the Define... button gives you the format dialog:

Enter a New format name, activate the desired options, and press Add for adding that format to the list of Existing formats.

The Remove button deletes selected formats not required any longer.

For loading an existing format perform the command Save extended... and click the Formats button. A previously defined format may be chosen:

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