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ASIO Playout Buffers

Number and size of audio buffers influence the delay of changes applied to the audio signal. E.g. with default settings it takes some time until a modification of the output fader (or audio in the timeline) can be heard while playback is active. The delay can be reduced by these parameters:






Default: 8

The number of buffers used for ASIO playout.



Default: 8192

(stereo samples, which corresponds to 64 KB;

Value 1 = 8 bytes)

The size of the buffers (number of stereo samples) being used for ASIO playout.

Only powers of 2 are recognized. For other values the next higher power of 2 is used. The editor needs to be restarted after any change.

Attention: The buffer size should not be less than the one configured in ASIO device's driver settings to avoid defective playout.

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