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Track Mixer

With the Track Mixer each track may be assigned effects, panorama and volume changes.

  1. Open the Track Mixer by clicking the Track Mixer Button 

     in the button bar:

  2. The amplification for the tracks may be changed by the sliders or by the master. All changes will be computed in real-time, i.e. the changes are immediately audible.

  3. The 3-band EasyEqualizer is already installed in the Track Mixer for every track. Changes for the 3 frequency bands may be set with the left mouse button (continuously) or with the right mouse button (in 6 dB steps).

  4. More effects for particular tracks may be added by drag&drop from the Clipboard's Effects tab to the FX effects placeholder (max. 3 effects per track). The effect dialog box opens automatically, for example:

  5. In order to reset changed channel settings, right click the channel (sections EQ and PAN) and click Reset


  6. To reset the adjusted values of a track, click the Reset button of the respective track - same for the Master track: 

    For resetting all tracks at once klick the button Reset ALL: 

  7. With these two buttons you switch a track Mute or Solo: 

    When changes in the Track Mixer are applied, the Track Mixer button displays a modified image: 

    Track Mixer is opened and an effect is applied.

    Track Mixer is closed and an effect is applied

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