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Introduction to Contextual Audio Editor

Contextual Audio Editor, in short CAE, is a web application for Text-based audio editing. CAE can connect to various SpeechToText service providers and make full use of these services.

It can run within the DAVID ecosystem or as a stand-alone application. With a Platform independency it gives the user a flexibility to work from everywhere.

It combines working with Text, Audio, Waveform and its different working types like Text View or Waveform View. You can simply arrange your work with a Clipboard and store your created elements back to a Digas database or locally.

CAE is separated in different areas. Here is an Overview:


Top Menu (Application Menu + User Menu)

Open other DAVID web application, use the Menu to work with your Elements - File, Edit, Audio and View. Also Online Help and Info about logged in user is shown
BToolbarSwitch View Mode, Undo and Save as well the different Drag Drop Modes are switchable here. Timing information and text search.
CText AreaText area to work on your transcribed text. Showing text and Speaker plus durations.
DClipboardKnown from DAVID Audio Editors - to collect Clips to work with.
EWaveform / Transport BarShowing the waveform of elements. Also possible to show the corresponding Text.
FAudio AreaAudio bar to record, play etc. with enhanced Volume bar.

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