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Working Offline with CAE

Offline Usage

Contextual Audio Editing supports an offline usage. After having opened the Contextual Audio Edition application at least once the main parts of the application are cached in your browser.

If you open the application again while being offline the cached application is used.

Depending on your configuration some features might not be available when working offline

  • When CAE is configured to use DPE as content storage this integration is temporarily not available
  • When CAE is configured to use DPE authentication and you are offline the logon screen accepts any text as credentials

While being offline you can work with any local content, e.g. audio files, recordings, CAE projects that contain local content only.

New Versions

When CAE detects that a newer version is available it loads the newer version to the browser cache automatically and informs you about the new version.

Install CAE to your home screen

Some browsers, like Chrome on Windows, show an icon that allows to install Contextual Audio Editing to your home screen.

Supported Browsers

Offline usage requires at least support for service workers in your browser and operating system, see Service Workers.

Additional features like installation to your home screen requires full support of Progressive Web Applications (PWA).

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