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Audio Tab

The audio tab shows detailed, but mostly not editable information about audio entries:


This section gives detailed information about the audio format

File Status

Shows the entry status, which can be Existing (normal), Recording, Virtual, None, Evacuated, External and Requested (more information in General Tab).

Counter for the previous editing levels


This field lists up all loudness values (only if the table is loudness configured and the audio has calculated loudness values).

Disable Loudness Gain Adjustment:
Set a check mark to make this entry not loudness relevant. All DigaSystem modules will ignore this entry's loudness values and the entry's playout volume can be influenced by the Gain field in the Music 2 Tab.

The check mark can only be edited, if the loudness disable function is configured (see section Disable loudness for a dedicated entry (DBM) in the Configuring Loudness. All other fields of this section can only be changed with the DigaSystem ADMIN account. However, these fields should not be changed.


This section shows the duration of the audio file, the text file and both combined.


System field. The filename of the associated audio file is shown here.

Filename 2:
System field. The audio files for a project are shown here.

System field. The size of the audio file is shown here.

Loop / music bed:
Check box. Selecting this option determines whether the music entry can be used as looping background music or music bed. This entry is also shown in the Music 2 tab.

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