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Configuring the PrelistenQuality

Configure the parameter PrelistenQuality under Digas | Database | [MyDsn] | [MyTable].

When an audio/video entry contains both, a high quality file and one or more low quality file(s), you can select which should be played back on prelisten. If PrelistenQuality = Low, following decision is taken:

  • If there is a video file with LoRes flag, this is chosen
  • otherwise if Filename2 exists, this is passed to MCL player
  • else if MPD file exists, the MPD file is passed (since DBM 4.13.7525.0) 
  • else if '!'-charcter is appended to the PrelistenQuality key, so 'Low!' is defined, then an error message is shown and nothing is played, 
  • else HiRes is played back
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