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Deleting an Entry

Specific rights for particular tables, such as the delete right, can be assigned on a user basis. In addition, the Database Manager is equipped with a soft-delete function which is comparable with the Windows trash bin, so it still can be restored. This means that the entry is still on the server and can also be retrieved by the user and put back into the original table. The final deletion of an entry is only possible by means of a second stage which requires the entry of suitable password. Only a specifically authorized person with the correct password (such as supervisor, senior manager, or system administrator) can irretrievably remove an entry from the system. 

To delete a marked entry from a table:

  • Drag the marked entry onto the Delete symbol 
     in the button bar; this will softdelete any selected entries, or
  • Mark some entries and click on the Delete symbol or select the Delete option from the selection list. The following dialog opens:


    The softdelete is like the Windows Trash bin (but it is not the same); the entry will be removed from the table but still can be restored.

    Undo softdelete

    The option Undo softdelete is available, if the dialog is opened upon a softdeleted entry (they can be displayed in the Selection Tree filter Softdelete). Choose this to restore a deleted entry back into the table.

    Delete flags

    This option removes all flags from an entry. The entry itself will not be deleted.


    This option will erase any marked entry. Such entries CANNOT be restored.

    Do nothing

    For safety reasons this option is selected when opening the Delete window. It literally will do nothing except close the dialog when clicking on OK.

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