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Displaying a Web Page

An administrator can configure DBM so that it displays a web page in the lower right pane. Since version 5.9.8238.0, DBM uses an Edge based browser view so that modern web features are fully supported. The following parameters must be defined:

DBMBrowserScriptDefines the URL of the starting web page overrides GLOBAL


new since version 5.9.8238.0

Defines the local directory where the browser stores persistent data like cookies%APPDATA%\DBM

Variables from the Windows environment are resolved when enclosed in percent signs

LOCAL overrides GLOBAL; USER overrides LOCAL and GLOBAL


Defines whether the web browser is displayed when DBM startsTRUE

By default, the web browser is not displayed.

To actually display the web page, click the "View browser" button in the toolbar, or select View → Browser from the main menu.

if the ForceShowBrowser parameter is defined a 1 or TRUE, then the web browser is displayed every time DBM starts. Otherwise, the lower right pane displays whatever had been displayed when DBM was closed down most recently.

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