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OnAIR TrackMixer (OTM)

CrossFadeMixer is not supported by Database Manager v5.x

The OnAIR TrackMixer (OTM) is a simple tool to define crossfades in an audio entry and mark specific positions. Such editing is done to prepare an audio file to be broadcasted with TurboPlayer (and the BCS System). For more information, please refer to the TurboPlayer manual.

For a selected audio entry, the OTM can be accessed in several ways:

  • simply by dragging the entry to the OTM tool button 
    , or
  • via the Entry menu option Entry to OnAIR TrackMixer, or
  • via the Entry tabs Music2 or Marker/Subclips and pressing the button Open in OTM.

    Please note: for displaying all possible tabs in an Entry mask, double click on an entry and press ctl+shift+A.

The button bar of this window contains up to four buttons. This can be configured via the OTMSaveButtons parameter.

SaveSaves the current edits. If the metadata mask is currently displayed, changes go to the mask and are saved to the database when the mask is closed with the "OK" button. Otherwise, changes are directly written to the database.

Save and clearSaves current edits and removes the current file from OTM. You can drag a new entry into OTM.

ClearRemoves the current file from OTM. You can drag a new entry into OTM. Asks for confirmation if there are any unsaved edits.

Save and CloseSaves current edits and closes the OTM window.
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