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Copying Entries to Another Table

If your system has multiple tables available, an entry from one table can be transferred to another:

Using Drag & Drop

  1. Select entries you want to copy
  2. Drag-and-drop them to the target table in the table view.

  3. DBM asks you to confirm the copy action

  4. When you copy a group, you almost certainly want to copy the group members, too.
    This is why you see a different dialog in this situation:

    • The "Copy all members" box is initially checked.

    • You should uncheck it if you want to copy only the empty group and its metadata.

Moving entry / entries another table

Holding down the CTRL key during this action will move the entries instead of copying them.

Essential fields

Note: If the target table has some essential fields defined (fields, that must not be empty) in the destination table, the entry mask will automatically open for each copied entry, so the user can enter the missing data.

Warning: Sequoia and video editor projects cannot be moved into another table this way because of their special file structure. In this case mark the entries, choose from the menu Entry the option Zip entry to create a zip archive out of the entries. They can then be moved safely. In the target table select Unzip entry in the Entry menu.

Using Menu

Copy a single entry

  1. Right-click on the entry
  2. Then click "Copy..." in the pop-up menu.

  3. Select the target table
  4. When copying a group (or several groups), you almost certainly want to copy the group members with the group.
    This is why you see an additional dialog in this situation:

  5. When you click "No", the copied group will have all metadata of the original group, but no members.

Copy multiple entries

  1. Select first all entries to copy
  2. then right-click inside the selection for getting the pop-up menu
  3. ...

Alternatively via Menu

  1. Select an entry or several entries,
  2. Click "Copy..." from the "Entry" menu.
  3. ...

By hotkey

User who prefer to use the keyboard can assign a key combination to the function "Copy entry".

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