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Entry Configuration

Shortcut for showing all tabs

To show all installed tabs of an entry use the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+A in the open entry mask.

ZIP functionality

Entries with subfolders (Sequoia projects, DigaCutMT/ST projects) cannot be copied or moved into other tables. They need to be zipped first. Therefore you need the file XceedZip.dll (this file can be ordered from DAVID Systems for free). After having registered it with RegSvr32.exe the options "ZIP Entry" and "Unzip Entry" will be available in the entry┬┤s context menu (select an entry and click on the right mouse button).

Delete Date

The parameter DBM|Settings|AllowSetDeleteDateToGroupMembers=TRUE (default value is FALSE) enables the following handling of deletion dates:

  • If a user changes the DeleteDate of a group within the entry mask and leaves with 'Ok' a message box comes up and asks if DeleteDate should be taken just for the group element or for all sub elements of this group also.
  • The DeleteDate has to be later, than the BroadcastDate, otherwise set DeleteDate is refused. 

    If the user wants to set the DeleteDate for all sub elements and there is any element having its BroadcastDate later or equally, the DeleteDate is not set, neither for the group element nor for any sub element. A corresponding message will pop up.

Virtual Entries

When merging media entries with virtual entries, the list of available virtual entries can be shortened by the filter Show edited virtual entries only. In this filter only those virtual entries appear, that have been dragged on an editor icon (in the Toolbar). Usually virtual entries are not accepted by those icons, so this parameter has to be set:





Possible Values



When set to TRUE/YES, virtual entries can be dragged on the editor launch icons in the DBM toolbar. The entries will NOT appear in the clipboard of the opening editor. The virtual element will be visible in the Show edited virtual entries only filter when merging audio/video entries with virtual ones.

Entry Owner

Newly created entries can be defined to be personal, this affects the access of other users to this entry.





Possible Values



Being set to TRUE or YES, all new entries in this table are personal (not editable by other users). With the value ONLY, only personal entries are allowed in this table. The value NA (not available) forbids personal entries for this table. Already existing entries in this table are not affected.

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