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Info Tab

The Info tab offers journalist relevant metadata and a text field, whose content is saved in an additional text file (.RTF). This file is named after the corresponding entry in the file system.


Shows the title of the database entry (not the file name).


Input/selection field. The author's name is automatically entered (login name). The author of an entry can be changed either from out of the list or newly entered.


Selection field. The department for this entry can be selected from a predefined list.

Sub department

Selection field. The sub-department for an entry can be selected from a list of those available for the selected department. A sub-department can only be assigned after a department has been assigned.

Date of broadcast

Select the broadcast date on the drop down calendar.


Entry field. The respective transmission can be entered here for which the entry is destined.


This field was used to describe the music type (before the Department fields were introduced) and can now be used for any type of information.

Ready to send

This checkbox marks this entry to be ready for broadcasting (also see 5.4 Entry Flags)

Creation data

System field. The exact date and time of the entry's creation as well as its length and creator is displayed here.

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