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Proper Interaction with Screen Reader Software

This page will give you some hints and share experience we and our customers have when using Screen Reader software together with Database Manager


Removing double "Row" when reading entry list


  • DBM provides "Reihe 31" to Screen Reader
  • Screen Reader adds "Tabelle" and an additional "Reihe" in front
  • Resulting in "Tabelle Reihe Reihe 31"


  • Create a small script for JAWS removing double "Reihe"

Access duration and soundhead position while meta data mask is open


  • Blind user wants to hear duration and soundhead position on hotkey press


  • Implemented in JAWS script
  • Function is triggered by a key combination which is recognized by JAWS. JAWS users can configure the key combination in the JAWS keyboard manager.

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