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Settings Dialog

The DBM settings are accessed via the Programs menu. 

To fully access and change the settings your DigaSystem user needs the rights to write/change parameters on DigaSystem's global, local and user level, otherwise your access might be limited or DBM even asks for an ADMIN login.

Settings Tab: Local

Station name

This parameter can only be changed on stand-alone workstations or when the specific right has been granted by the system. The entries are also available for the audio files which are recorded by this workstation. The station name can be either the predefined Windows station name or a special DigaSystem® station name.

Auto login

The user can here specify an auto login name to be used the next time DigaSystem® on this workstation is used. Again this can either be the predefined Windows login name or a special DigaSystem® login name with password. A DigaSystem user needs the "Autologin" right.

FontsCart elements
Lets you select a font with properties.


The audio functions available to the user are defined here.

If set, DBM will use its audio engine for playback and recording. If set to "No", this function is deactivated and DBM works without sound

Select a soundcard input channel in the first dropdown list. The second dropdown list provides a Windows Mixer instance if available

Select a soundcard output channel in the first dropdown list. The second dropdown list provides a Windows Mixer instance if available

Playback only
Deactivates the recording function of DBM

Initialize recorder on activation
If active DBM will initialize its audio engine whenever DBM is activated which means DBM will get the DigaSystem soundcard resources. This is only useful if you can use a fader start, the DigaStudio or the Hardware Controller but generally 
this checkbox should be deactivated

These settings will only be applied after the next program start.

Settings Tab: View


Personal selection buttons first
The personal selection button to be positioned at the left side of the selection button bar.

Maximize on activation
The size of the DigaSystem® window at startup, the selection after changing the table, and the display of tables in the table overview.

Remember window position above programs
The windows position to be remembered when restarting another module.

Keep selection
To keep the current selection when switching from one to another table.

Automatic reset special selection
Special selections (like soft-deleted entries, entries without audio shown in white colored fonts) are automatically reset when switching to another selection.

Show all tables
Showing all tables and databases, that are known to DigaSystem (including the ones not accessible by the logged in user).

Keep comment
If selected, the comment field does not automatically hide when switching tables


Language of the user interface

Initial table groupDefines which table group is displayed at DBM startup.

Initial table

Defines which table is displayed at DBM startup

Comment details

Maximum number of lines
Defines the maximum number of lines for a comment to be displayed in the Entry list

Indent by pixel
Sets the amount of the Comments indenting.

Set background color
Sets the background color of the comment field

Zoom FactorsSelect larger fonts for the tables grid and for entry grids. Fonts can be enlarged to 110%, 125%, 150%, or 200% of their standard size.

Settings Tab: Search Options

Columns for text search

Enables the appropriate columns to be included in the text search. C.f. Text search in Finding Entries

Find exact

Searches for the exact name entered.

Settings Tab: Columns

Table view

Which columns to be shown within the table list.

Entry view

Which columns to be shown within the entry list.

Column settings

Do not load, do not save 
Changes are not saved when exiting and not loaded when restarting the Database Manager 

Load, but do not save changes
Changes are loaded (e.g. if your system administrator has saved columns settings for you), but you cannot save your own configuration. 

Load and save changes 
Changes can be saved and loaded as appropriate.

Column arrangement

Be arranged freely 

Fixed when columns are prescribed 
Only be arranged when the fields of a column are not prescribed by your system administrator. 

Not be arranged at all. 

Entry line spacing

Dropdown field:
Defines the entry line spacing in the Entry list 

Only if Thumbnail column is shown
Entry line spacing is only active if the column "Thumbnails" is shown in the Entry lis

Settings Tab: Colors

Entry colors depending on file state
The state of an entry is shown by the entry color; in this dialog the meaning of the entry font color can be defined.

Settings Tab: Key-Shortcuts

This page has a separate description page: Defining Keyboard Shortcuts

Settings Tab: Surround

Automatic completion of file extensions: relevant for the "Import MCA file" function. If activated the here listed file names will be automatically assigned to the corresponding channels when creating a surround file. This means, when loading one file in a directory via the "Import MCA File" function, the other browsing fields will be completed according to these settings.

Settings Tab: Ember+

This tab is only shown, if you have specified a DLL for Ember+ support in parameter DBM|MultiRec|EmberPlusDll. Usually, this will be TIOEmberPlus.DLL, which handles the Ember+ communication with the external device, and is also used as a configuration tool.


Open the configuration dialog of the TIOEmberPlus.dll. For details, refer to the TIOEmberPlus.dll Technical Manual.
Line / Command grid
  • Click on a field in the "Command" column to define, change, or remove the action associated with opening a line ("ON") or closing it ("OFF"). This will open a list of available actions:
      PLAY: Start playback
      STOP: Stop playback
      PLAYFFWD: Start playback at double speed
      PLAYFRWD: Start reverse playback at double speed
      DOUBLESTOP: Stop playback if running, then set soundhead to the start of the audio
      RECORD: Activates recording mode
      RECORDPLAY: Starts recording
      SET_MARK: Set marker at soundhead position
    The top-most (empty) entry is for "no action".
  • Click on a field in the "Line" column to select that line (e.g. to delete it).
Add lineAdd an additional line
Change lineChange the number of the selected line
Remove lineRemove the selected line
Line for Start/Stop commands

The Ember+ protocol supports explicit "Start" and "Stop" commands on a specific line, distinct from fader movements. With "Line for Start/Stop commands", you can define the number of the line, whose "Start"/"Stop" commands are recognizes by DBM. Setting this to -1 disables the feature.

When you close the Settings Dialog with "OK", the connection to the console will be established and the configuration transmitted. If this fails for any reason (e.g. the device is not responding), you will get an error message with some technical details about the failure.

The settings are stored in the parameters DBM|MultiRec|EmberPlusConfigurationDBM|MultiRec|EmberPlusActions and DBM|MultiRec|EmberPlusStartStopControlLine. You shouldn't try to manually change the EmberPlusConfiguration parameter with the DigaSystem Admin, but you can always use the DBM's Settings Dialog again to change any aspect of the configuration. You can also use DigaSystem Admin to copy a configuration to the settings of other workstations, which are equipped with an identical external console.

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