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Configure DPE to use IdentityServer

To enable the new logon mechanism you have to change your web.config in the following way:

(1) disable forms auth by commenting it out:

    <authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms name="MyFormsAuthCookie" timeout="1440" slidingExpiration="true" loginUrl="Logon.aspx" ticketCompatibilityMode="Framework40"/>

(2) enable OIDC support by specifying an IdentityServer:

    <add key="IdentityServer" value="http://vm-dpedemo:5000/"/>

(3) enable WCF service support for OIDC by adding oidcEndpoint behavior extension and reference it in <behavior name="cors">:

        <behavior name="cors">
        <add name="oidcEndpoint" type="David.Dpe.Wcf.OidcEndpointBehaviorElement, David.Dpe.Wcf"/>

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