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Manual Deployment of IdentityServer

Steps needed to manually deploy IdentityServer to your IIS web server:

1) Make sure the .Net Core 2.2 Runtime is installed or install it from

2) Make sure Windows Registry contains basic DigaSystem values for PAR file paths (we propose to install it on the same machine as the DPE Server)

3) Copy the contents of the IdentityServer delivery to a folder below C:\inetpub, e.g. C:\inetpub\IdentityServer or C:\inetpub\wwwroot\IdentityServer (depending if you want to host it in a new web site or the default web site):

2) Open IIS Manager and add a new web site:

4) Configure AppPool:

  • Under Basic Settings configure .NET CLR Version to "No Managed Code"
  • Under Advanced Settings configure Identity to an user account having sufficient rights to acces the Windows Registry and the file location where the DigaSystem RIGHTS.PAR is stored

5) Enable Windows Authentication (SSO)

Needed to support auto-logon (single sign on) of web applications with windows credentials.

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