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Content Manager URL State (Deep Linking)

The url state is defined by a query string formed by query parameters using the following format.


The url of CM is updated dynamically for the following query parameters except selectedEntries.
This enables a user to bookmark or share a link to load CM in a same state as defined by the url query parameters when CM is reloaded.

Query parameter name




A list of the selected table IDs (dsn\tablename) in the table area separated by commas (appears as %2C when escaped in the url).

Format: MyTableDsn1\MyTableName1,MyTableDsn2\MyTableName2

Always in sync


The text in the search text input

Format: See Search bar section in Searching in DPE Web Applications

Always in sync


A list of group full entry IDs separated by plus symbols (appears as %2B when escaped in the url), where the currently selected group is followed by a dot sign.

If the selected group has selected group members, their group member IDs (not the entry ids! but the IDs of the association between the group and the group member entry, as we can have several times the same entry as a member to a group) are following as a dot separated list following the dot of the selected group.

Format: MyTableDsn1\MyTableName1\groupNumber1%2BMyTableDsn2\MyTableName2\groupNumber2%2BMyTableDsn3\MyTableName3\groupNumber3.101.99.102

where 101.99.102 are dot separated group member ids

Always in sync

  • opened groups

  • currently selected group’s member selection


Selects the entries from a comma-separated list of short IDs (entry numbers) which are available for the current table and search url query parameters

Format: 100,101,102

This parameter is not synchronized with the selection of the entry list after CM is loaded.

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