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Database Maintenance

In productive environments with SQL Server (full version, not Express) in use, we recommend the SQL Server Agent to clean up constantly increasing tables. There are DPE scripts available to create daily cleanup jobs for the tables “LogItems”, “Workflows” and “Jobs” in DPE Core DB.

Important: Please ensure that the SQL Server Agent is running and started automatically in Windows Services before starting the installation of the scripts.


The SQL Scripts can be found in the DPE database installation directory “DpeCoreDBWizard\Cleanup SQL_Scripts\”. Open the SQL Management Studio with SQL Server Admin rights.

Stored Procedures

The installation of the DpeCoreDb via the DPECoreDbWizard includes stored procedures to clean up the CoreDB frequently (remove old log entries, workflows and jobs).

Add Job for Job Table cleanup

Executing this Script adds a job for the specified DpeCoreDb to SQL Server Agent. By default the job deletes all entries older than 14 days from the log table.

  • Open the Script “DpeCoreDb_Job_JobsCleanup.sql” in SQL Management Studio, and adjust DPE Core DB name 
  • Press “Execute” to run the script

The same steps apply to add a Job for log item cleanup (DpeCoreDb_Job_LogItemsCleanup.sql) and workflow table cleanup (DpeCoreDb_Job_WorklowsCleanup.sql).

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