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Introduction to Logs Configuration

Logs Configuration Page Overview

AreaDescriptionRelated Topics
Application MenuThe Application Menu can be used to navigate between the Content Manager, Subclip Editor, RoughCut Edit, Admin, and System Monitor, given that the user has sufficient rights. 
Top MenuThe Top Menu can be used to add, edit or delete components.
User MenuFrom the User Menu, the current user can sign out, change their password, and go to the Help section for information on feature and configuration know-how.
Admin MenuChange between different Admin sections. The current selection is Logs Configuration.

Main Area

Displays a list of all components.
Edit AreaAccessible via the Top Menu, the Edit Area displays all fields of a selected component, and allows editing them: Allowed Levels, Blocked Levels, Allowed Categories, and Blocked Categories. Clicking the Cancel button brings back to the Main Area.

Understanding Logs Configuration

Logs Configuration specifies which log messages will be allowed to be written to the DPE Logs.


After DPE installation there is a default configuration, called "(Default)" which applies to all client component names.

The default is

  • Allowed levels = IWE, i.e. only messages with log levels Information, Warning and Errors are written to the log
  • Blocked levels =D, i.e. messages with log level Debug are blocked
  • Allowed categories = empty, i.e. only log messages that have an empty category are written to the log


All log messages written from Worfklows are blocked because they have a non-empty category "Worfklow"

If you want messages to be logged without validating the category then set Category to be empty (which is different from the text "empty").

Component Overrides

The default config can be overriden by client component specific settings.

Add a new log level config with the name of the component you want to override.

Examples for component names:

  • DPE Services like "ContentService", "ParameterService", "RightsService", "WorfklowService", "JobQueueService"
  • DPE SAF Servers like  "MyMachine/AudioProcessor", "MyOtherMachine/UtilityProcessorBackup", "MyMachine/WorkflowServer"
  • DPE SAF Modules like "MyMachine/AudioProcessor/AudioFileConvereter", "MyMachine/WorkflowServer/WorkflowWorker"
  • Workflows like "MyMachine\WorfklowServer\WorkflowScheduler\MyWorkflow"

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