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Introduction to Parameter Management

Note: This service requires a license 'ParameterManagement' and the ActionRight DpeAdmin.OpenParameterManagement.

Navigate to  "Parameters" in Admin. It appears like this:

A list of Parameter files is displayed in the main page. In the default sort order the most important ones are on top of the list: the global parameters, the parameters for your computer and for your user. Clicking on a parameter name in the list will navigate to the respective Parameter file contents (see below). It's also possible to modify the sorting order by clicking on the related column header.

Using faceted search you can get an overview about parameter files and filter them according to various facets.

It is possible to search by Parameter's name and is also possible to search by type - "type:user" or +  "type:user + Doc" (also see Searching in DPE Web Applications). Currently, following types of parameters are supported:

  •   Global
  • Computer
  • User
  • Private :
    A Private Parameter file can only be seen by the user who uploaded it.
  • Shared :
     A Shared Parameter file can be seen by anybody.

Deleting Parameter Files

Delete parameter files by selecting them and pressing the delete button.

To delete parameter files of type COMPUTER you need the action right DpeAdmin.ParametersDeleteComputer.

To delete parameter files of type SHARED you need the action right DpeAdmin.ParametersDeleteShared.

Parameter files of type USER and GLOBAL cannot be deleted here.

Search BoxThe Search Box can be used to search for specific Folders, Parameter Keys and Code Items.
Local MenuLocal Menu options allow for adding, deleting, renaming, and copying Keys/Folders.
NavigationShows the current active directory path where the Key/Folder is located. Clicking on the home icon will redirect to the main Parameters page.
Parameters Tree

Displays the directory structure in a tree like manner.

Parameters GridAllows users to navigate to Keys and display their values. These Keys can then be selected and updated with options from Local Menu.


Help section provides information about Keys and Folders.
ProposalsSuggest a list of options as Folders/Keys which can be added and used in the current directory.

Responsive Design

The layout of the pages adapts dynamically to changing screen sizes and some areas will be not available on smaller devices

Please follow these sections to learn more about parameter configuration:

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