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Introduction to User & Group Management

This service helps to create/add new User and Groups and assign different rights to them.

Using this functionality requires a license 'UserAndGroups' and the ActionRight DpeAdmin.OpenRightsManagement.

Navigate to  "User & Groups" in Admin. It appears like this


Application Menu

The Application Menu can be used to navigate between the Content Manager, Subclip Editor, RoughCut Edit, Admin and System Monitor, given that the user has sufficient rights. 

User MenuFrom the User Menu, the current user can sign out, change their password, go to Help section for information on feature and configuration know-how.
Admin MenuChange between different Admin sections. The current selection is Logs
Main AreaDisplays a list of all Users/Groups fitting the facet and text search.
Facet SearchThe Facet Search can be used to filter Users/Groups according to their Type, Enabled, Deleted and Synchronized meta-data. The number of Users/Groups fitting the current or potential search can also be seen here.
Users and Groups can be differentiated using icons and a tooltip is also displayed in the Type column. You can also sort user by Membership Count to see if they belong to a group.
How to create a new userCreate a New User
How to create a new GroupCreate a New Group
How to Edit the User/GroupEdit the User / Group
Assigning memberships/Rights to User/GroupDefine User / Group Rights
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