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Navigating the Audio Waveform

There are multiple shortcuts and tools to determine which part of the audio is displayed in the Detail Area.


  • Use the zoom bar at the bottom of the Detail Area to zoom from 1x to 256x (where 1x refers to showing the entire clip) 
  • Use up and down arrow keys or using the Ctrl + mousewheel over Detail Area (ZoomIn and ZoomOut shortcuts)

Timeline Scrolling

Use one of the following methods to change the section audio that is displayed in the Detail Area. The section of the audio that is displayed in the Detail Area is framed in the Overview Area

  • Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the Detail Area.
  • Click or drag to the section of the Overview Area, that you want to have displayed in the Detail Area. 
  • Use the left and right keyboard arrows. 

Zooming + Scrolling

The FitZoom shortcut (Default = 'w')  zooms and scrolls so that the selected subclip is completely displayed (from in marker to out marker). 

Waveform Placeholder

If the waveform of an audio file is delayed or never available, it should be still possible to work in Subclip Editor if the audio is available. It shows the Placeholder Waveform for the missing original waveform.

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