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SAF Server SNMP Support

This functionality is only available if license "WorkflowSystemSNMP" is available

Many DAVID Systems software components offer SNMP support and can act as SNMP "devices" (= SNMP agents): AudioProcessor, LoudnessProcessor, VideoProcessor, UtilityProcessor and WorkflowServer.

More than one DAVID Systems component can run on a machine, each of them acting as SNMP agent (each of them must be configured to a different SNMP port; default SNMP port is 161).

Enabling SNMP Support in SAF Server Configuration

  • The default agent port for SNMP is 161. You can configure another port if 161 is already used by another component
  • Optionally also configure an IP address and port to send SNMP trap (=event) information to

MIB Structure And File

The registered DAVID Systems vendor id is 47207, our root OID is therefore: 


The DAVID MIB file is delivered together with DPE WorkflowServer.

Top-level DAVID System MIB nodes




davidSysAgentNode1Node containing generic information about the SNMP device/agent
davidSysSafServerTable2Table containing DPE SAF servers (e.g. processors)
davidSysSafModuleTable3Table containing DPE SAF modules
davidSysTraps100Root node for DAVID System traps

Monitoring Agent: davidSysAgentNode

Example for an AudioProcessor test agent implementation

Monitoring SAF Server: davidSysSafServerTable




davidSysSafServerId1Unique SAF server ID (machine qualified id), e.g. "MyMachine\AudioProcessor"
davidSysSafServerName2SAF server name, e.g. "AudioProcessor"

Execution State.

A working and running SAF server returns 6 (= Running).

davidSysSafServerExecutionConnectionCount4Number of client connections to this SAF server, e.g. connections from SAF Admin or DPE SAF Monitor web page

Monitoring SAF Modules: davidSysSafModuleTable




davidSysSafModuleId1Unique SAF module id, e.g. "MyMachine\AudioProcessoe\AudioFileConverter"
davidSysSafModuleName2SAF module name, e.g. "AudioFileConverter"

Module execution state.

2 (WaitingForDue) and 3 (Executing) correspond to an activate module.

davidSysSafModuleSucceededCount4Number of succeeded jobs since last restart.
davidSysSafModuleFailedCount5Number of failed jobs since last restart.
davidSysSafModuleExecutingCount6Number of currently executing jobs.


Agent Cold Start

Agent Heartbeat


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