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Create a New User

Click on the "ADD USER" to add a new user.

The following window appears:

User IdName of the new user and primary login name that can be 8 characters long. This cannot exceed 8 characters.
Long User IdIt is an alternative that can be used to log in. It is not limited to 8 characters.
TemplateIn this drop down field all existing DigaSystem users are listed, including the ADMIN. One of those can be chosen to use it as a template and inherit its settings.
Full NameEnter the full name of the user here. This is to clearly identify the person behind the user account.
PasswordDefine the user account password in this field.
Confirm PasswordConfirm the password once again.
SpeakerIf this account will be used for recordings activate this check box to define the speaking rate.
Speaking RateDefine the talking speed for recordings. This setting is used to precalculate the length of a recording in the DigaSystem editors.
CommentOptionally some additional information about the user.
Database AccountAccount name to authenticate this user for accessing SQL databases.
Database PasswordPassword of the account to authenticate this user for accessing SQL databases.

Click "Add" to create a new user.

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