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DPE Server Update Checklist

Use this checklist to avoid common pitfalls when installing a newer version of DPE Server.


  • The StartupScript.bat is located inside the DpeWebApplication folder
  • It can be used to map and authenticate network file shares, e.g. to get access to DigaSystem parameters files located on a network share
  • If the StartupScript.bat is used in the previous version you need to copy it to the newer version
  • Also see Using a DPE Server Startup Script

License file(s)

  • License files are located inside the DpeWebApplication/bin folder
  • License files are pairs of files, one with the extension .xml and the other one with the extension .xml.signature
  • The main license file pair must exist: features.xml and features.xml.signature
  • Additional license files may exist. They follow the file naming convention features*.xml and features*.xml.signature
  • All license files have to be copied to the newer version

App pool identity (IIS)

  • The app pool identity is configured during DPE Server setup
  • The app pool identity can also be changed in the IIS Manager / Application Pools / DPE_a.b.c.d / Advanced Settings... / Identity
  • Use the same identity as in the previous version


  • The web.config is located inside the DpeWebApplication folder
  • It configures many features of the web application and web services
  • Make sure the new web.config contains all features configured in previous version
  • Also see Configuring web.config Files

Bindings of web application (IIS)

  • Bindings can be configured in IIS Manager / Sites / DPE_a.b.c.d / Bindings
  • DPE Server should be bound to HTTPS only
  • HTTP binding should be removed
  • Only one binding should exist
  • Also see IIS Site Bindings
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