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Running a SAF Server as Windows Service

For productive use a SAF Server can be run as Windows service instead of being run as a desktop application.

What are the main differences between a process run as Windows service vs. a process started from the interactive Windows session:

  • Windows services run without a logged on user
  • Windows services run under specified windows user credentials
  • Windows services have various restart options (in case of a crash)
  • Windows services do not see the same environment as the interactive user session, e.g. no user startup scripts are run, mapped network shares are not mapped, share authentication has to be done explicitly, also see Using SAF Server Startup Scripts

Go to the installation folder of your SAF server and click onto SafServer.exe.

Select the tab Windows Service Installation and enter the windows credentials to run the Windows Service under and a start type for the service. 

Click Install.

The SAF Server is now installed as Windows service and you can either start it from here or from the Windows Service Manager:

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