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Understanding Classes

Each entry can be assigned to one or more classes. A class defines the entry type and can be displayed as own column with class symbols in the Entry Area and as text in the details pane

The displayed icons in this column have the following meanings:



Standard audio entry (default classification for imported audio files)


Jingles in the DAVID Broadcast System (BCS)

CommercialRadio commercials

ControlControl element - outdated

DigaCut MT ProjectSaved DigaCut MT project (audio editor) - outdated

DigaCut ST ProjectSaved DigaCut ST project (video editor - outdated


Entry with graphical content


Show specific internal media (characteristic sounds or gags in a show)

MusicMusic audio entry

NewsNews audio entry


Saved audio editor project (EasyTrack, MultiTrack and SingleTrack)

PromotionProgram internal announcements

Sequoia ProjectSaved Sequoia Project


Collection of media files about a specific topic - in development

TextText entry without audio content

Unknown/NewEntry with not identifiable content

VideoEntry with video content

Video batch / batchlistmbx files which contain markers to an audio file - outdated

Video Project

Video project of RoughCut Edit

ZIP ArchiveEntry containing ZIP-Files
Classes below are mainly used within DAVID Broadcast System (BCS)

CommandAttention / Info Element for the moderator, which is not broadcasted

InfoInfo / Hint for moderator

LivePlaceholder element for time when moderator is speaking

LineModerator calls someone during the show

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