• StartupScript.bat is located in the DpeWebApplication folder
  • It is executed whenever the web application is starting
  • By default it does nothing
  • It can be used to give DPE Server permissions to access network file shares
  • It can be used to diagnose problems; you can log the view that DPE Server has on specific resources


Connect a network file share

Even you are probably not using the drive K the DPE Server gets permission to \\MyServer\MyShare

net use K: \\MyServer\MyShare /user:MyDomain\MyStorageUser pwd


Find out what drives and shares are visible for DPE Server:

net use >c:\temp\driveMappings.txt
net view \\MyServer >c:\temp\shares.txt

Find out about access rights for folders/files:

icacls \\MyServer\MyShare >c:\temp\accessRights.txt

When do you probably need a Startup Script

  • Some of your DPE machines or file servers are in the cloud
  • Some of your DPE machines or file servers are not in a windows domain
  • DigaSystem parameter files or audio files are on an external file server and DPE Server cannot access them