Exporting an Entry

Administrator can configure one or more Export menu entries to the Main Menu

  1. Entry including all meta data and media files is exported as *.entry file
  2. Main media file is exported as it is

User workflow

  1. Select the entry you want to export
  2. Select respective menu entry in Top Menu

Importing an Entry

  1. Simply drag and drop the *.entry file onto the Entry Area
  2. The file will be uploaded and added as a new entry to the currently selected table.

A *.entry file is a zip file. To view the content of the entry on your computer, change the file extension to *.zip and use your local unzipping tool.

Importing entries is only allowed if:

  • the current user has 'create' rights for the currently selected table
  • the *.entry extension is allowed for the currently selected table. For more information about allowed extensions, see Allowed File Extensions configuration in Database/Table Configuration.