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Open Link in New Tab

This section is part of Top Menu and Plugin Configuration in CM in Content Manager, from which it is possible to Open Entries in External Applications and Start Workflows. With pluginCMOpenLink, links can be opened in a new tab directly from the Top Menu. 



Specifies which plugin is used.


URL link

The destination link for the new menu item. Please see the 'Example Configuration Key' section below, on how to setup useful links. These links are always opened in a new tab. Using "{user}" within the link config gets replaced by the current logged in user name.

Starting with DPE 1.13.227 there is support for an extended JSON config:

	"Url": "...",
	"Target": "WebDA", 
	"AuthMode": "DpeToken"


  • Url specifies Url of the page to open.
  • Target (optional) specifies the target string or the name of the (window, iframe or tab),
    • default: "_blank" = always open the windows a new tab.
    • To open the link in the same tab use "_self"
    • Use "<anyothername>" for opening in tab this <anyothername>, if not exists a new tab is opened
  • AuthMode (optional) specifies if and which authentication token should be added to URL. "DpeAccessToken" is added when Authentication server is available and used inside DPE, otherwise "DpeToken" is added for default DigaSystem authentication. 
....There are numerous general keys, which can be used to customize this top menu item. Please see Top Menu and Plugin Configuration in CM for an extensive list of keys.

Example Configuration Key

Example: /DpeWebApplication/Admin/Admin.aspx#/workflow-monitor?search=%2BCreator%3A{user}%20State%3AScheduled

This link will take the user to the Workflow-Monitor of the admin, and display only workflows started by that user, which are scheduled.

Notation Explained

  • The starting /, makes the url relative, meaning that it will stay in the same domain. 
  • The DpeWebApplication/Admin/Admin.aspx#/workflow-monitor is the link's destination, in this case Workflow Monitor.
  • The ?search=%2BCreator%3A{user} starts a search with the following commands: Creator:[current user]
    • As colons and spaces can not be used in URLs, the search term is standard URL encoded. This means that a plus has to be replaced by %2B, colons by %3A, spaces by %20 and so on.
    • The {user} is replaced by the current logged in user name.


  • Easiest way for getting the right URL for the Config is browsing to the correct target location, applying the search you want to have and copying the URL from the web browser into your config.
  • If needed: Replace your user name by {user} for making it generic.
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