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Display a Thumbnail

For displaying a Thumbnail attached to an entry in Details Pane you have to configure following in your Details Pane Template.

A checkerboard pattern can be added to the background of images in Thumbnail view in order to avoid color overlaps with black and white.

If you want to modify this, Just add "chessboardBackground" to the img-tag in the template Key located inside ContentManager | Details | Templates | ... | Template, see Details Pane configuration for more information.


{{#if-not-equal param1=model.Class param2="Video"}}
	{{#each model.Media key="@index" as |m|}}
       {{#if m.Type}}
			{{#if-equal param1=m.Type param2="Graphic.Thumbnail"}}
				<img src={{model.thumbnailUrl}} alt="" width="175" />
			{{#if-equal param1=m.Type param2="Graphic"}}
				<img src="/DpeWebApplication/DownloadMedium.ashx?{{model.FullEntryId}}&mediumid={{m.RefNr}}&image=1" alt="" width="90%" class="chessboardBackground"/>

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