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Opening Entries in External Applications and Starting Workflows

Plugins, which can be launched from the Top Menu, allow you to open entries in external applications, such as the MultiTrack Editor, Adobe Premiere and FinalCut Pro. In addition, unique and customized workflows can be launched, such as sending an entry's media files via email to a certain group of people. 

All menu entries, including the displayed names, are configured by the administrator to fit your daily needs.

To open an entry:

  1. Select the Entry/Entries you want to edit. The plugins available for the selected entries will appear in the Top Menu.
  2. Click the [Plugin] you want to edit your file with, and the corresponding application will be launched.

For a list of available Plugins see the Learn and Explore section Customizing the Top Menu. Note: The name and availability of a plugin depend on the user's rights, licensing agreement and settings are set by the administrator.

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