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Periodic Synchronization

  • AD user and groups are synchronized periodically to DigaSystem user and groups.
  • AD acts as the master.
  • ADSync creates new users on DigaSystem side if there are users in AD. As well ADSync will only change those users. It does not overwrite or touch users created by ADSync. In DigaSystem Admin or DPE Admin you cannot change users from AD created by ADSync.
  • The synchronization time interval is specified inside the general module settings of the ADSync SAF module.

There are 5 different methods:

Method: None

As said the sync isn't triggered automatically.

Method: Fixed Time

The sync is triggered at a fixed time once a day.

Method: Intra-day Cycle

You can set intervals of sync between 2 hours in a day.

Method: List of Intra-day Cycles

You can set different intra-day cycles.

Method: UDP

Set a listening port for a signal (UDP) to start the sync.


The interval should be chosen with care (we recommend at least 5 minutes) to avoid too much stress on ActiveDirectory servers and DigaSystem paramter files.

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