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Adding Audio to virtual elements

Creating of virtual items is usefull to prepare or announce a new element. There are several ways how to add audio tu such items. Here is a list of hopefully all methods how to add audio.
To make it easier working with virtual items it is possible to set the following parameter:
Global Settings \ DBM : RecordMaskAlwaysFirst = TRUE

Hint: Starting with release 2009.2 this parameter now works also table specific.

First of all you need to create the virtual item by e.g. DBM using the icon "New virtual entry" from the icon bar or by the Entry menu.
1. Record audio in DBM
If you open the item again you can record audio from your local audio board inside the record tab.
2. Import audio from DigaGrabber
DigaGrabber has a drag&drop interface which can be used to import a single audio file to one virtual item. You need to open the virtual entry in DBM and bring the record tab to the front. Afterwards you can drag one audio track from DigaGrabber. You need to use Release 2009.1 of DBM and current version of DigaGrabber for this feature.
Please note: This is limited to one file. If you drag more than one file you won't be able to add a file.
3. Drag audio from filesystem
Works like DigaGrabber. Just drag the file to the opened record mask.
4. Import audio from filesystem
You can open an import dialog from the record page of the virtual element. From there you can select the audio file on e.g. a local hard disk.
5. Import audio from the audio editors
With DBM and MTE a new method was introduced to drag&drop audio from the clipboard of our audio editors to a virtual entry. Again the record mask must be brought to the front.
In all workflows metadata are not changed by importing the audio. If configured audio will be converted to the table format after closing the mask by pressing OK.
6. Combining the virtual item with an audio item using DigaClipboard
DigaClipboard is an application which supports drag&drop of up to 3 database elements to its window to select a combination. This tool can be used to combine audio and/or text + metadata together. There are different methods how to combine them. See DigParam.rtf for further information about MediaMode.
7. Save the audio in MTE and link it to a virtual item
It is possible to select a virtual item in the entry's mask after saving from MTE. There is a "Link" button in the mask where you can select a virtual item of this table from a list. This feature can be extended by drag&drop the virtual item to MTE before saving the new take. In this case you can filter the list to just find items which are inside MTE. Please note that such elements are invisible in MTE. Please use the parameter DBM \ DragVirtualEntriesToEditors = TRUE and DBM or newer for activating this feature. 

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