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Admin.exe: Creating Custom Flags for DBM entries

Since Digas database format v4 (not to be confused with the DBM version!), it's possible to create custom flags for database entries including a unique icon to display in the DBM Flags column.
Ideally one should use a 16x16 pixel bitmap file (.bmp - please note that jpeg, gif and other image file formats will not display properly)
If you would like to define the flag for global use, locate the bitmap file in a folder that is accessible to all DBM users.
Configuring a new Custom Flag
Create a sub-key in Digas|Settings called 'Flags'. 
Within the Flags sub-key one can define numerous custom flags as sub-keys with arbitrary names that will determine the label of the flag in DBM,  in this case we've named it ExampleFlag, (because we are very imaginative ;) .

Each sub-key under Flags will contain 2 parameters that define where the flag is positioned and where the associated bitmap is located.
Digas|Settings|Flags|ExampleFlag|BitmapFile : the location of the bitmap to be used as icon in the column grid.
Digas|Settings|Flags|ExampleFlag|Key : an integer from 1 to 100 that will define the positioning of the flag in the column and entry-mask checkbox list - if you are only using one custom flag, simply set this to 1.
Now upon opening DBM, one has the possibility to set an additional flag on an entry in the mask:

After setting the checkbox, the new icon will appear in the DBM 'Flags' column:

Please note that the custom icons in the DBM Flag column are justified to the right and may only be visible with the proper adjustment of the column width because there are virtual placeholders for the native flags!  This display will be optimized in future versions with a more flexible justification/sequencing.

The BitmapFile parameter should be entered without "".
Also, when saving the icons with GIMP, make sure to leave the "Do not write color space information" checkbox in the safe dialogue of GIMP enabled.

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