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Admin.exe: Creating encrypted passwords in Admin tool

Release 2010.2 comes with Admin.exe 3.5.4424.0

This version introduces a new feature to edit encrypted passwords. Therefore it is now possible to create or change passwords which are stored in an encrypted format.


1. Go to Local Settings \ BroadcastServer \ Default \ Buddy

2. Create a new parameter called EncryptedPassword, set its type to String and save it with empty value

3. Press right mouse button on this new parameter

4. Choose "Change crypted value"

5. Enter your password as plain text and set the Crypting method to "BroadcastServer"

6. Press OK

At the moment the following encrypting methods are available:

- BroadcastServer (Buddy, Remote BCS)


- TurboPlayer BCS connection (Local Settings \ TurboPlayer : Password)

- TurboPlayer settings protection dialog (Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ GUI : PasswdSettingsDlgs)

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