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Admin.exe: DBE or DBX - ANSI or UNICODE

Q: When do I need to switch from DBE files to DBX files?

A: This is required if you are using UNICODE content inside an Unicode database. DBE files are always based on ANSI. DBX can contain foreign characters.

Q: Why do I need such files?

A: These files are backup files. If your database needs to be reinstalled after a crash or whatever it is easy to import all metadata from those backup files. If your content contains Unicode characters you need to have DBX files.

Q: What is DBX?

A: DBX is just another file format for generating backup files inside the media directories of the database tables. This file does not contain sections with brackets like DBE does but XML tags.

Q: How do I enable DBX?

A: There is one parameter to switch between DBE and DBX.

Global Settings \ Digas \ Settings : UseDbe = TRUE or FALSE

TRUE: DBE files are created.

FALSE. DBX files will be created.

Also the Admin tool will work with DBE/DBX but you need to restart it after changing this parameter to work with the new configuration.

Enabling DBX does not affect the database! Please remember that the database is the master for storing metadata. DBX is something like a slave which should follow the standard of the database.

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