Q: We want to move the content of one table to another location. How can we do it?
A: Here are the steps you should follow

      1. Create the new folder
          2. Open DigAdmin and select the settings of the table, e.g. Global Settings \ Digas \ Database \ <DatabaseSource> \ <TableName>:
              Sound = Change path for folder
                      Media = Change path for folder
                          3. Move all the files to the new folder
                              4. Open DBM and login as ADMIN
                                  5. Select all entries of the table
                                      6. Press the right mouse button and select "Open entry" or "Bearbeiten"
                                          7. Change the filename inside the corresponding field "Filepath".
                                            8. Press OK

                                            On the other side there are possibilities to move or copy files by e.g. DigAlign. This could be helpful if your table has lots of entries.