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Admin.exe: Possible DB conversion Errors when using Special tablenames

The Admin.exe offers you two different rights for the user accounts:


 Problem: After converting my DigaSystem Database from V1 to V3, one table seems to be messed up!

System overview
There are two tables inside a DigaSystem V1 Database:
Tablename 1: MUKU (internal tablenames: MUKU, MUKU_L, MUKU_S, MUKU_T)
Tablename 2: MUKU_F (internal tablenames: MUKU_F, MUKU_F_L, MUKU_F_S, MUKU_F_T)

After the database conversion to V3 has finished, several error messages occur inside the Databae Manager (e.g. while recording, modifying or prelistening), for example:

Additional error messages can be: "Wrong syntax NEAR AS-Keyword" or "Syntaxerror in FROM-Article" or "Syntaxfehler in FROM-Klausel".

What happened?
During the conversion process, the Admin tool tries to create more subtables for each DigaSystem table. After the conversion has finished, the structure of the V3 DigaSystem tables are as follows:
Tablename 1: MUKU (internal tablenames: MUKU, MUKU_C, MUKU_E, MUKU_F, MUKU_L, MUKU_M, MUKU_S, MUKU_T, MUKU_V, MUKU_X)
Tablename 2: MUKU_F (internal tablenames: MUKU_F, MUKU_F_C, MUKU_F_E, MUKU_F_F, MUKU_F_L, MUKU_F_M, MUKU_F_S, MUKU_F_T, MUKU_F_V, MUKU_F_X)

As you can see, both tables refer to an internal table called "MUKU_F" but they are needed for different purposes. Our DigaSystem Administrator tool is fail-safe there is no data loss at this moment!

How to correct this?
1) Open the Administrator tool and rename your MUKU_F table into something else (in this example: MUKU_FRE):


2) Rename your Subkey \Digas\Database\[ODBC Name]\MUKU_F to \Digas\Database\[ODBC Name]\MUKU_FRE (or something else).

3) Rename your DigaSystem Tables Rights-Object from [ODBC Name]\MUKU_F to [ODBC Name]\MUKU_FRE (or something else).

4) Re-perform a database conversion (you don't need to get back to version 1 - just convert to V3 again)

How to avoid this problem?
When creating tables, don't use a name syntax like:
Tablename_C, _E, _F, _L, _M, _S, _T, _V, or _X

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