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Admin.exe: Windows services / Windows drive mapping

Several DigaSystem applications can be run as Windows service. Some of them have special configuration inside. Some of them can be installed as a Windows service using the AppToService.exe application.
In general this is possible but there is a problem with mapped drives. They won't work in case of running services which needs to access ressources from such mapped drive.

Our recommendation for using services: Change all mapped drives (parameter paths, media paths, etc.) to UNC paths.

If you want to run Windows Services you need to pay attention to the following limitations made by Microsoft:

Any application started as a Windows Service is not able to see drive letters for mapped network paths.
Logon Scripts are only executed for users not for Windows Services.

If you are using UNC paths the account used for the Windows Service must have rights to access the UNC paths. It is not possible to run the drive mapping with another account.
Running Windows Services using the standard account "Local System Account" (German: Lokales Systemkonto) isn't enough to run Services which must access network ressources. Please use a domain account with sufficient rights.

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