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Artefacts after importing MXF into Avid Media Composer

 Q: We are using DigaIngester Pro to ingest SDI video. Our container format is MXF. Our video essence is MPEG D10 (IMX), 50 Mbps.

After importing an ingested file to Avid Media Composer the video monitor shows a very bad quality with many artefacts.
We tried to import the file by Drag&Drop and by using the import dialog. The result is the same. Media Composer displays that it imports XDCAM files and it import is finished successfully without error message.
Playing the file with DigaPlayer AV, Windows Media Player or Thomson Profile servers does not show this problem.
What could be wrong?

A: The problem comes from an incompatibility to the generated MPEG essence using the MainConcept codec. This problem which was confirmed by Avid for older versions of Avid Media Composer.
Avid provides version 3.0.5 of Media Composer plus a patch which must be installed on this version. Version 3.1 will contain the fix directly. Please contact Avid support department for further support and for obtaining the update. 

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