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AsRun log for e.g. MusicMaster in XML format

In some cases it is recommended to switch the output format for the as-run logs from ASCII files to XML structure. One example is exporting the plan of a day to MusicMaster while there are special Unicode characters inside the metadata. This can happen for example in China.

To realize this XML format the FlexXML.dll should be used for a BUS export task.

Here is an example how the settings could be configured:

Export options: Write 10 minutes after every day
Exported tracks: 1000
Include presentation: NO

Configure DLL
Target: File system
Export mode: Rules based
Export XML tags: User defined
Write empty tag if not found: YES
Tracks: 1000 (Add)
Export format: UTF-8 + BOM

Export mode: Conditions...
Header XML tag & value: <Export/>
Item XML tag & value: <Item/>

Name: MusicMaser AsRun Log
Export filename: \\server\share\%d%m%Y.xml

Name: Music elements
Object: XML tag
Value: Has value
XML tag Name: Class (Full name)
Values to compare:
- Audio (add)
- Music (add)
- Promotion (add)

Export XML tags: XML Tags
Name: Music_MusicID
Type: Text
Size = 0
Format: <empty>
> Insert

Name: Time_RealStart
Type: Date
Size: 0
Format: %d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S
> Insert

Name: Time_RealDuration
Size: 0
Type: Duration
Format: %H.%M.%S
> Insert

Export XML tags: Rename
Old name: Time_RealStart
New name: StartTime
> Insert

Old name: Time_RealDuration
New name: Duration
> Insert

Old name: Music_MusicID
New name: MusicID
> Insert

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