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Automated Playout of Placeholders

Q: We want to schedule broadcastings of elements which will be recorded after the planning process. These elements should be started automatically by a fixed start time. How can we do it? The planning should happen by day templates because the recording will happen each week automatically.

A: You will need the following products:

- MultiCoder for recordings, working with booking lists with fixed titles for each show, e.g. "Monday 9 a.m.".
- DigErase for deleting recordings older than 2 days.
- DigAIRange for scheduling the day templates of BCS.
- BUS for configuring a AutoReplace task.
- TurboPlayer for automated playout.

You can ask DAVID Systems to have a project manager available during planning, installation and testing phase.

Important hints:

1. BUS AutoReplace task must switch the planning state of the placeholder after replacing it with audio.

BUS --> AutoReplace Task --> Special field treatment --> ...

- New Field: SendState
- New Set: Planned

--> OK

2. StartOnTime elements

Important: Never schedule a placeholder with a start mode = StartOnTime and start type = FixedStart

If you need to set a placeholder to start on time you should create a group with Start Mode = StartOnTime, Start Type = FixedStart. First element is a new element with class 'Control', e.g. named "Dummy" with SendState = Planned. The second element will be the placeholder for the future recording. The start mode for this element is Sequenced. Start Type = Floating.

The length of the new element has to be set to 0:00:00
If you want to add an offset you can set the length to 0:00:10

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