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Backward floating groups ins LiveAssist mode

There is a new parameter that changes how Turbo treats backward floating groups in "LiveAssist" mode

Until the release of TurboPlayer 2012.1 the LiveAssist mode of TurboPlayer behaved the following way:

Only the last element of a backward-floating group with a fixed end (EndOnTime) will be started automatically due to an automatic start timer event in Turbo. The other elements of the group (with start type backward floating) are not started automatically due to Turbo being in “LiveAssist” mode. In this case it occurs that element 0 is started manually and elements 1-3 will not play automatically (although the status sequenced may indicate otherwise) because no start timer has been set for them internally. Element 4 will, however, start automatically according to the predicted start time (based on the specified end time). So it could occur that there is a gap in the playout. Starting element 1 manually to fill the gap could cause overlapping audio between elements 3 and 4.

In general this behavior could lead to confusion as some users expected Turbo to behave differently, even in “LiveAssist”-mode.

In “Automatic”-mode Turbo behaves differently: The whole backward-floating group is handled more thoroughly: The first element of the group also gets started automatically due to a timer event in Turbo (the start time is calculated based on the respective EndOnTime-event). This effectively starts the whole group and will also stop it at the set EndOnTime-point.

With the release of 2012.1 it is possible to set a new parameter: TurboPlayer/BWFLiveAutoStart=1
If the parameter TurboPlayer/BWFLiveAutoStart=1 is set, a group with a fixed end (EndOnTime) will start automatically. The parameter will treat backward-floating groups with an EndOnTime element exactly as in “Automatic” mode.

Without the new parameter, the old behavior remains.

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