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BCS Upgrade Advisory for version

Up to version BCS stores all jingles and preproductions in one XML file. In case of using a hugh amount (> 3000 per program) of those elements the speed of BCS is going down.

We improved the behaviour by using multiple files instead of single files.

This means that an existing setup will be changed to the new state. Therefore there is no easy way going back to the old version after updating the BCS.exe.

Please note: It is strongly recommend to create a backup of the BCS XML tree before updating.

When using a BCS + Buddy setup you must update both BCS servers by following the instructions step by step:

- Shut down the current backup server (Buddy). Please be sure that the Buddy is running in backup mode!
- Update the BCS.exe of the backup server to the new version.
- Restart the updated backup BCS, and wait until it is ready. Please be patient! The XML files will be upgraded to the new workflow.
- Shutdown the master BCS server and update its BCS.exe to the new version.
- Restart the master BCS.

If you've got problems you need to contact our support team!

In any case after updating and restarting the BCS you would loose your preproductions and jingle groups if you later apply a downgrade to the BCS. If you need to downgrade please contact our support team!

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