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BUS: Installing as a Service + configuring BUS_GUI

  1. Install latest BUS version (drop in Digasystem folder and open)
    1. close BUS
  2. make sure DigaSQL is current version and in Digasystem folder
  3. open CMD-prompt as Admin
    1. navigate to digas directory - e.g. "cd C:\Program Files (x86)\DigaSystem"
    2. enter "BUS.exe -i" to install service
  4. configure user in Services app
  5. start service in Services app
  6. Install BUS_GUI (drop in Digasystem folder and open) 
  7. configure pars so GUI shows BUS in action - can have multiple BUS's in the one GUI
  8. Close and Reopen BUS_GUI
  9. Select a different BUS to connect to: Press This yellow button with the up arrow.
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