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CFM: Bluescreen - caused by graphics driver

We have received notice of two incidents that caused a machine to crash with a bluescreen while working in Crossfademixer embedded in DigAIRange.

Affected machines:
The incidents were both reported on Dell Optiplex 990 MT series machines with ATI Radeon HD 6350 graphics cards. The standard ATI graphics driver supplied with the Dell Optiplex machines were used (8.783.2.2000 and 8.863.9.0000).The problem seems to be OS independent. Other machines from other manufacturers with the same graphics driver do not necessarily have the same issue.

After a detailed analysis DAVID found that a certain GDI routine within Crossfademixer causes the Bluescreen. However, the routine is completely valid and works on different machines and various configurations along with graphic drivers of other manufacturers. Therefore it is likely that the ATI driver has a bug that causes the driver to crash badly when the routine is called.

The affected machines both use Radeon HD6350 graphic cards with the standard ATI driver. We have tested both the driver that is supplied with the Dell machine as well as the latest ATI graphics driver (12.4) and found both to have the same issue.

A bug report at ATI/AMD was filed and we are awaiting response.
DAVID tried to rewrite the scrolling routine using different GDI commands (ScrollDC) to avoid blue screen behaviour, however even with changed code the same behaviour of the graphics driver is shown.

To circumvent the bug in the graphics driver its possible to switch off the graphic card's hardware acceleration to bypass problematic code. Tests have shown that not using hardware acceleration causes the blue screen behavior to disappear.
If you happen to experience a bluescreen while working with Crossfademixer, please try the proposed workaround and contact our support team.

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